Letter to the editor in The Dartmouth

In a letter to the editor in The Dartmouth, Christian Kiely shares his opinion on current events at Dartmouth. Apparently Dartmouth and Swarthmore are living parallel lives:

For those fortunate enough to gain admission, Dartmouth is one of the country’s most diverse and inclusive institutions. Name another school whose fraternities and local sororities regularly open their doors to all of campus to come drink free of charge. You can’t. Unfortunately, however, Dartmouth’s admirably progressive culture has spawned a small but vociferous faction of malcontents for whom nothing will ever be good enough. They will not rest until Dartmouth eradicates all membership-based social spaces (as inclusive as they might be), outlaws the use of gendered pronouns and summarily expels anyone accused of sexual assault without any semblance of due process. They operate under the guise of tolerance, but ironically it is they who are intolerant of individuals who disagree with their radical views.

You can read the rest here: http://thedartmouth.com/2014/02/19/opinion/vox-clamantis-intolerant-radicals


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