Israeli Soldier Stories this Sunday in Sci 101!

Israeli Soldier Stories this Sunday in Sci 101!

Two former IDF soldiers are coming to Swarthmore to speak about their time in the IDF and their experience in Israel in general. There will be a speaking section, a chance for Q&A, and possibly some controversy! 6:15 – 8:15 in Sci 101. Come and bring your friends (there will be free pizza)!



  1. Wonderful that this event is happening! Really good to hear a side not typically heard on campus about a very difficult situation. However, I don’t understand why this is done through the controversial organization Stand With Us. There’s a strong record of a one-sided narrative – or an all-out denial of a Palestinian struggle – in their large amount of literature. That being said, these particular soldiers stories are powerful and clearly they have experiences to, hopefully, balance this out, challenge, and intrigue us, but I would urge anyone interested to look more into Stand With Us and see what they have to say about Palestinians and both Israel’s older and more modern history. Regardless, I wish I could be on campus to hear this talk!

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