Journalism at its Finest: Groundbreaking Reporting in This Week’s Issue of the Phoenix

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s Phoenix on Stuco’s decision to elect Toby Levy as SBC chair:

SBC is not just about allocating money, its about changing the dynamics of groups across campus,” Mendoza said. “Its been said in the SBC that Hillel gets special privileges. It’s not unknown that Toby and Jacob are both Jewish. The BCC chose me as the candidate to support. They don’t see Toby as being qualified other than for racial reasons and the fact that he is Lanie’s boyfriend.

Jews in the SBC!?!? This hard hitting quote shows why the Phoenix is Swarthmore’s premier student publication.

Read more about Swarthmore’s Jewish conspiracy here.



  1. You do understand that that quote is in there not because that is what the phoenix believes right? You can quote something without agreeing with it in fact it happens all the time in reporting. The quote being there seems to absolutely be undermining Jason’s point. It makes him look bad. This article/post is at best an ridiculous misinterpretation of what’s going on in the phoenix and at worst the exact type of sensationalism that you are accusing the phoenix of.

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